Our Mission

To provide every child who enters the court system as a result of allegations of abuse, neglect or dependency with a trained community volunteer to advocate for what is the child's "best interest."

Summit County Statistics for 2014:
  • The CASA/GAL Program of Summit County served 1,098 children
  • There were 625 families served
  • 281 active CASA/GAL volunteers drove over 41,625 miles and spent approximately 5,900 hours on their cases
  • In 2014, 57 new CASA/GAL Volunteers were trained
  • Of the 482 cases that closed in 2014: 50 cases ended with adoption, 226 cases were reunified with parents, and 100 cases were placed with legal guardians.

"No one can do everything, but everyone can do something"

In 2010:
  • There were 3.3 million allegations of child abuse, neglect and/or abandonment in the US
  • Of those 3.3 million allegations, 762,940 were substantiated as victims of childhood maltreatment
  • Approximately 1,653,000 children end up in the Juvenile Court System
  • In Ohio, there were 139,079 referrals and 71,811 cases were investigated
  • In Summit County, 1,100 children were served by approximately 300 CASA/GAL volunteers
  •  Each ONE of these children deserves a volunteer to advocate for his or her best interest.